Unity is strength


I am writing one blog about two speakers on The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit that I am currently hosting.

The reason I am writing one blog is to celebrate the partnership they have created together. Both of them are highly experienced entrepreneurs, but together, in Her Smart Marketing, they are moving forward further together than they could separately.

Lacy Arnold has worked in a number of different businesses; Lean Moms is the most recent. Lacy is the very fit-looking one in the track suit top! She has joined Ashley Ryan -that’s Ahley I the top, glam shot – to create Her Smart Marketing, and despite living in different countries they are very successfully running on-line training and coaching programs to help women move forward in their businesses.

I thought that deserved some celebration!  Want to hear what they’ve got to say about running an abundant business? They have so much to share on the free interview, as well as juicy free gifts. Sign up here for free to find out!

How do you decide?

Jill AngeloSomething that keeps coming up in the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit is how to make decisions.
Being an entrepreneur means being willing to make decisions with some speed, but hopefully with some wisdom. It doesn’t always matter if you get it right, but it matters that you don’t get stuck in the state of indecision, or analysis paralysis.
And while a good decision is better than a slow decision, we would obviously prefer to make a good decision, quickly.

I was really struck with Jill Angelo’s interview, how she felt she could tune into the voice of the soul in order to make a decision;

The ego is the rushed, anxious voice that says “do it now”. The voice of the soul is “let’s give this a try”. It is much easier to navigate through when you can hear the voice of the soul.

What do you think? Can you hear the voice of the soul?

You may remember, for those of you who were listening on Day 2 of The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit, that Kathleen Hanagan talked about muscle testing.

I wrote a short blog on this technique, but since then I am delighted to be able to share an information sheet that I found on the internet and loved; I asked the author, Tessa Casson was willing to share this with you all as a downloadable pdf

I hope they help – let me know how you go! And yes, you can still sign up to the Abundant Businesswomen’s Summit. It’s free!

Can you let it go?

Annrika James PhotoI remember it so vividly. I arrived late for a training course, and, spurred on by some very uncomfortable feelings about how much work I had to do and could I justify being at a training course – and the trainer said to me “You need a Sedona”.

I had absolutely no idea what that was, but an assistant coach sat next to me, asked me how I was feeling. “Stretched!” I wailed! “Can you accept that feeling?” “Yes” I responded, automatically. “Can you welcome that feeling”. Hmm, that felt a bit harder, but yes. “Can you let that feeling go?”

It was just a choice, and as I chose “yes”, I felt an instant expansion, and a profound feeling of peace. I was ready to be where I was and had a fantastic day of learning.

About a year after this I was fortunate enough to attend a Sedona course run by Annrika James and her husband Tim McCavitt. To this day Sedona remains one of my favourite tools to bring consciousness to our emotions. We are not our emotions and we can can choose to let them go whenever we want.

The abundant freedom that comes from this is life-changing. So it was such a pleasure to be able to include Annrika in the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit. Feel free to sign up to this free event and enjoy!

Is your business scaring the pants off you? Try this!

julie-flippin new photo 2012One of the recurring themes in the interviews from The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit, is just how much starting a business can activate a whole range of fears and anxieties we never knew we had!

Today’s speaker Julie Flippin offers an insight into a cutting-edge tool to quickly move beyond anxieties and fears, and into confident action. Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping on Meridian Points.

Julie has offered a tapping sequence for the fears of the new entrepreneur; see here for more information about tapping and see the Bonus Handout which includes the tapping script.  If you want to access the audio, you just need to sign up to the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit.  I look forward to “seeing” you there!

Let me know how you go with it!

How do you do money?

Veronica Drake PhotoDuring my interview with today’s speaker from the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit, Veronica Drake, I kept feeling this wonderful sense of calm. There is something about Veronica’s presence which travels across the ether – or so I found. Veronica loves life.

What fascinated me about Veronica is that she has had some significant challenges in her life – and she has moved through these and brought her experience, knowledge, wisdom and positivity with her, in order to help women move past their own challenges into business success.

Her family of origin input about money sounded familiar to me “We can’t afford it”, “that’s hard-earned money”, “watch out for the big shot over there, don’t trust rich people”. And her reaction to it – to spend up large, even more than you have, to counteract this set of beliefs that you feel no longer serve you.

Abundance comes to those who know how to look after their money. Hoarding and splurging are not abundant states!

Veronica learned to embrace a more balanced money mind-set and that was an essential part of her learning on the way to financial abundance.

“How you do money is how you do life”, Veronica states.

How do you do money?

What could go right with tweeting?

Nicky Kriel PhotoI first “met” Nicky when I purchased her excellent book, How to Twitter for Business Success. I read it, and I was instantly inspired and empowered by her big picture summary of the different social media platforms and how best to work with them. All of a sudden it seemed completely doable. I implemented, and then began to here the plinking sound of new twitter followers! So, I implemented again and tweeted Nicky. She tweeted me right back and I decided I would be brave and ask her to be interviewed for The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit.

Obviously, she said yes!

There were many things I enjoyed about Nicky’s interview – her insightful description of women returning to work after having children and how we need to change our thinking about what we bring back to the workforce.

Of course I loved her discussion of Twitter and how it changed the course of her business life, and there is a fantastic Pinterest tip she shares (apart from not going on Pinterest while hungry!)

I am so excited that Nicky is going to write another book about Social Media. I think she is a gifted teacher and writer and she really helps us get off the fence and into social media.

Her free gift is pretty awesome too!

I would love for you to join us at the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit – sign up and tune in today to hear Nicky’s talk and access her generous free gift.

“See” you there!

The Party starts… now!!

Dali ClockI just can’t wait for this party – the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit to start, so I am staring it now! It’s that surreal time thing – in trying to find a timeslot that was 1st of March across the world, I have decided on 2pm Perth time 1st of March- that means it will just sneak into Saturday according to Central Standard American time! 1am, but you get the idea!

So here’s how it works. If you want in, you just put your name and email in the box you see on the Abundant Businesswoman page.   Make sure you check your inbox for the confirmation email!

When you sign up, you get one audio interview each day, from an  Abundance Expert, straight to your inbox. Interviews are just 30 minutes long, and jam packed with value.  A free gift comes each day – you don’t want to miss Sam Bennett‘s free gift!!

You have three days to listen to the interview and access the free gift.

I can’t tell you what a pleasure this has been to put it altogether, and I just want to share the love as much as possible!

Your over-excited Host
Pip Brennan
The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit

Jumpstart Your Abundance

Katrina SawaI was busy googling jump starting businesses, and fell over Katrina Sawa on the net. I liked Katrina’s style – she keeps it real, not promising the world but promising results for those that are willing to put in the time. So, I invited her to join The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit.

And she can certainly can speak from experience as someone who transformed the way she worked as a coach and finally started to make the living she had dreamed of.

Listen up on 4th March to hear more about it. It’s all free 🙂