Five signs it’s Time to Change

So… change is definitely on my mind at the moment. It got me to thinking. Are there some useful signs to pay attention to, if you think you need to change direction? The short answer is yes, there is. Here are five for you to think about… 1. You’re offering something, but people are asking […]

Focus – how to stay on task!

This week’s post is dedicated to focus. When I recorded interviews for the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit I learned a lot – but there was one point that has stuck with me. Ashley Ryan from Her Smart Marketing was interviewed as part of the series and said she talked about attending a seminar run by T […]

Abundant Mind-Set

Today’s interview being aired on The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit was a fascinating one for me. Heather Elliott specialises in changing limiting mind-sets. It’s just an unmissable stage of creating a life of abundance. Throughout the interview I experienced an interesting sense of calm energy – she just has that way about her! I loved one […]

Business and community

For today’s inspirational speaker on the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit, I have taken the liberty of downloading a photo collage from facebook to celebrate her achievement – that is Jennifer Rose Bryant’s achievement finishing the 60km walk for the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers. I love that she kept on right to the end – and […]

Levels of abundance…

The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit would not be complete for me without the inclusion of Perth’s very own Abundance Expert, Susan Broughton.  And I wasn’t disappointed. Her answer on what is abundance was thorough and thought provoking.  You can still sign up to listen if you want – just click on this link.  The interview series […]

Unity is strength

I am writing one blog about two speakers on The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit that I am currently hosting. The reason I am writing one blog is to celebrate the partnership they have created together. Both of them are highly experienced entrepreneurs, but together, in Her Smart Marketing, they are moving forward further together than they […]