Community Distractions…

What was I saying about focus? Staying on task? It would appear that I have been letting my love for community get in the way of just about everything. I looked at the work I had done recently in a coaching session where I was highlighting my priorities, something along these lines: Love Health Creativity […]

The Magic of Seven

Indulge me if you will. It’s my birthday on Tuesday, and I turn 49. Normally I have a birthday month, so for two weeks before, and two weeks after, I manage to stretch my birthday celebrations out in a variety of calorie-laden and sociable ways.  Somehow this year, it hasn’t happened.  I might be lucky […]

Abundant Mind-Set

Today’s interview being aired on The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit was a fascinating one for me. Heather Elliott specialises in changing limiting mind-sets. It’s just an unmissable stage of creating a life of abundance. Throughout the interview I experienced an interesting sense of calm energy – she just has that way about her! I loved one […]

Levels of abundance…

The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit would not be complete for me without the inclusion of Perth’s very own Abundance Expert, Susan Broughton.  And I wasn’t disappointed. Her answer on what is abundance was thorough and thought provoking.  You can still sign up to listen if you want – just click on this link.  The interview series […]