Pip Brennan lives in Perth, Australia where she was born in the mid-1960s. She lived in Europe all throughout the 90’s, in London and also Thessaloniki in Greece.

Her life in Perth and Europe was pleasant and interesting – until 2002 when at the age of 36 she survived a home invasion and assault two years after returning to Perth permanently. Her first book Not My Story was published in 2014 and follows her journey of healing and recovery from the trauma of the assault, and explores the ongoing need to address victim of crime’s needs through an advocacy service that supports the victim right through the entire recovery journey.  It is also a plea for us to have a mature discussion about all our responsibility for community safety and what restorative justice could contribute to that. By day a not for profit Executive Director, Pip writes books on the weekends. She has been patiently toiling on  her first novel project for the last five years, a roman a clef based on the memoir. Working title, Not His Story. Number of drafts to date – infinite.