Lived Experience: Personal knowledge about the world gained through direct, first-hand involvement in everyday events rather than through representations constructed by other people. Oxford English Dictionary

Health nerd: someone obsessed with all things health system. Pip Brennan

West Australia: The state that all other states and territories in Australia forget at their peril. Scott Morrison. (OK I totally made that one up.)

The journey for me to becoming a Lived Experience Consultant came from, well, lived experience. It started with my journey in the opaque and confusing maternity system. I volunteered as an editor on the Birthplace magazine dedicated to informed maternity care choices. Over time this blossomed into a whole career. I would not like to calculate the hours of meetings I have attended being part of committees and panels, looking at models of care, policies, procedures, reviews, inquiries… Let’s say I’ve done well more than my 10,000 hours. I speak fluent health and I know a lot of peeps.

I love to work on projects – tackling complex conversations with people whose voices need to be heard by decision-makers, helping shape reports that speak the truth and support positive change.

I love to listen and share my insights to help consultants tackling big projects.

In short, I am an expert advisor, sounding board, and I also love facilitating. I can also write stuff up if you need (because, author).