Solstice Full Moon

Sunday Blog 141 – 23rd June 2024

Every time I walk a labyrinth, I think this time I will fully understand its elaborate geometry, its pattern of winding paths. It’s not a maze, it’s a single curved path into the centre, and out again. I walk around it as if I’m following the curves and kinks of my brain. But in truth I never work it out. I just walk it, and am always surprised when I reach the centre, or reach the exit.

Snapped on Friday night was a cheeky shot of the full moon as I was waiting for my Uber home. I’d been at a Fleetwood Mac tribute band, soaking up the fun. Getting a Friday night lift.

I super-imposed the full-moon image on a labyrinth because it seemed fancy, then it seemed magic. Just like the labyrinth itself.

Happy Solstice.

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