Seven Year Cycles…

Holiday Monday Blog – 6th June 2022

While I have some regrets about this, I did not send my daughter to Steiner School. She comforts me by reminding me she wouldn’t have met her partner if she hadn’t gone to the school she did, so I think I have let that go now. But still, mainstream school wasn’t great in many ways and I still love Mrs Aylward with a passion parents reserve for those teachers that “get” and encourage our children.

Rudolph Steiner had many things to say about many things, but I am always intrigued by his belief about the importance of seven year cycles. This short article reminded me that I am at The Cross-Roads – Mastery or Evaluation, ages 57-63. Steiner maintained that 56 is an important turning point in your life, and for me, that signaled me joining the Great Resignation and leaving my leadership role and venturing/blundering out on my own. And letting my hair go grey, a sign of the massive transition within.

I have been Marie-Kondo’ing my website, reading old blogs with a fascination of watching my seven-years-ago self tackling the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, a coach. I am saving these old posts like bugs in amber for posterity into a separate database and then deleting them from my website, to let the fresh air in. I’ve come out as a coach and lived experience consultant properly, with whizzy online forms to meet with me for coffee. Plus of course updated the whole site so it’s clear I am a silver fox/ proper crone now.

I am just at the beginning of this new seven year cycle. It does feel that life gets better and better. Or at least, that my website is getting better and better. Lol.

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