Snagged on the to-do list…

Sunday Blog 38 – 29th May 2022

It’s a Saturday morning, after yoga and we’re having coffee. I haven’t been for a while so some of my fellow yogis ask me how it’s been going since I left work, almost exactly two months ago now.

I reel off the things I’ve been doing – making a drum, going to Quairiding, some consulting, some committees… I may not have shared how very good I now am at Wordle and Quordle (there are practice games as well as the daily games, if you really want to disappear down the five-letter rabbit hole forever…)

“It sounds like you’ve filled your free time with a whole lot of things,” one of them challenges. “What about writing?”

“Ah. Yes, I’m glad you asked me that”, I dissemble.

What floats to my mind next is the many, many hours of volunteering work I have done in the last two months, as a sort of rebellious “I’m not working now so I can do what I want!”

However, all that volunteer work involves lots and lots of administration and small details. To-dos breeding to-dos on my list – which make me feel productive and valuable until Poof! it tips over from exciting and engaged to overwhelm and I find myself snagged on my to-do list like barbed wire.

Can you relate?

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  1. In the last days before finishing work, I got out my bright textas and made a colour coded to do list (bit of a hint there). It has been 18 months now and I still haven’t crossed it all off. As you have observed, to-do lists breed like wire coat hangers. BUT, I am having an awesome time 😀.
    PS I have booked Antartica for January – the pinnacle of my list 🐧

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