Author Interview – Samantha Bennett

It’s that time again – author interview time! I will be honest, my day job was extremely busy at the end of April and I have only just gotten the audio of this engaging and supportive interview with the lovely Samantha Bennett up.  Since Good Friday when this was recorded until today, there has been a […]

6 months to write a novel…

Today I signed up for the Australian Writer’s Centre 6 Month Write Your Novel course. I know what you’re thinking – more online courses! However, this course follows on from the other two courses with the Australian Writer’s Centre which have gotten me from stuck to serious. I have gone from wondering what it might […]

How do you decide?

Something that keeps coming up in the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit is how to make decisions. Being an entrepreneur means being willing to make decisions with some speed, but hopefully with some wisdom. It doesn’t always matter if you get it right, but it matters that you don’t get stuck in the state of indecision, or […]

Is your business scaring the pants off you? Try this!

One of the recurring themes in the interviews from The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit, is just how much starting a business can activate a whole range of fears and anxieties we never knew we had! Today’s speaker Julie Flippin offers an insight into a cutting-edge tool to quickly move beyond anxieties and fears, and into confident […]

How do you do money?

During my interview with today’s speaker from the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit, Veronica Drake, I kept feeling this wonderful sense of calm. There is something about Veronica’s presence which travels across the ether – or so I found. Veronica loves life. What fascinated me about Veronica is that she has had some significant challenges in her […]

Getting Abundantly Unstuck

One of the hallmarks of starting a business seems to be fear and procrastination – getting immobilised.  So I felt it would be ideal to invite Remy Chausse on the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit.  She specialises in getting unstuck – and like many of us with a passion, she needed to learn how to get unstuck […]

Abundance = Getting Things Done!

Meet Samantha Bennett. She is my very first guest on the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit. I just knew I had to have her on the series when I saw her company was called “The Organized Artist”. “Here’s a gal who can be creative AND abundant”, I thought. “What’s her secret?” Samantha is an actor, writer and […]

Slaying the Procrastination Beast – The War of Art

I would call this a book review, but I haven’t actually finished the book yet.  I’m too excited by the concepts in the book to wait until I finish to write about it.  The book is The War of Art and among a number of mind-blowing gems is the importance of showing up, each and […]