Happy National Book Lovers’ Day!

Happy National Writers’ Day! OK, so that is National as in America, and technically it was 9th August which is now yesterday in Australian time, but who needs an excuse to have a picture of Jane Austen heading the blog? Not me, clearly. I am excited to celebrate this day, whenever it really is, by […]

Community Distractions…

What was I saying about focus? Staying on task? It would appear that I have been letting my love for community get in the way of just about everything. I looked at the work I had done recently in a coaching session where I was highlighting my priorities, something along these lines: Love Health Creativity […]

There’s more than enough work…

I love writing, and I love social media, so I knew I just had to interview Becky Robinson for the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit. We met on twitter and I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview her and find out more about her journey into business. Perhaps what stands out in Becky’s interview […]

Stepping into the fog…

I am a shameless social schmoozer, and I quite enjoyed the opportunity of Friday night’s Christmas Party at the City of Cockburn so I could spread the word about the impending Coolbellup Farmer’s Market due to start March 2014 (small fist pump!) In between Christmas Party dinner courses I singled out people I wanted to […]

What it everything was perfect just the way it is?

I have been asking myself this question quite a few times this week.  It is a question to calm my spirit as I try and feel am consistently failing at making a positive difference in the world through the endless committees that I sit on. This morning for example I am attending a forum about […]