Creativity – crushing joy or glorious mystery?

Sunday Blog 19 – 9 Jan 2022

So the first week back in the real world has come and gone, and the new 2022 diary I settled on in the absence of a Desire Map (see last week’s blog) has seen me soar to new habit heights in things such as flossing my teeth. I got 100% for that. Go me. But the key habit of all, writing? 3/7 days. Ba bow. I am beginning to have that week 2 of the year realisation that the personality revolution my 2022 journal promised still hasn’t happened.

Maybe because I didn’t listen to James Clear’s advice the way my blog indicated I had. Write two minutes a day? I had set myself the herculean task of writing five new scenes for my novel and while I wrote one I am quite happy with, it doesn’t now seem to work that well with the 32 others I already have. Nor does it fit with the high-level plan I created for version number who can say.

Lord knows I try to be a plotter – someone who has the discipline to plan out all my scenes prior to writing. But I am always and ever a pantser – someone who flies by the seat of their pants. Paddling around writing and editing scenes in an unholy mess that reminds me a bit of what my mother calls “rumbling” through her belongings. She sorts and piles and re-sorts until it is pretty much the same, but less organised somehow. A crushing chore.

Sigh. There’s always next week to get back to it and hope for a bit of glorious mystery!

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