The elf re-appears – kind of

Sunday Blog 64 – 18th December 2022

Last week I spent my Sunday Blog sharing my health woes and feeling a bit sorry for myself. This Sunday I am happy to report that my Elf, while still a bit elusive is at least visiting regularly. The neck pain is largely receding and my energy is returning in fits and starts. I was even able to do a short beginners yoga session this morning. That felt like a small miracle.

Today another new journey began when my Airbnb guests arrived. I had taken Marie Forleo’s advice of starting before we were ready, which meant a mad, last-minute scramble to get everything done before their arrival. With my Elf missing in action, it has been a hard slog painting, cleaning, lugging furniture and more cleaning. But it’s done.

I am now officially an Airbnb hostess, health advocate and carer for my mum. I have the basics covered financially so I can get on and finish the damn book.

I am definitely blaming the Elf for the recent lack of progress on the book. This week is the great re-set! And I am leaving myself no room for lamenting how I am not getting any younger and just get on with it already.

I take great comfort in this quote from James Clear:

Most people do not consider 65 to be a young age… but when you’re 75, you’d love to rewind to 65 and regain those years. Few people would describe 35 as your youth, but in your mid-50s your mid-30s will seem like the “young you.”

Today is a great opportunity, no matter your age. Looking back in a few years, today will seem like the time when you were young and full of potential or the moment when you could have started early or the turning point when you made a choice that benefited your future.

The moment in front of you right now is a good one. Make the most of it.”

James Clear,

Certainly spending more time with a 96-year-old reinforces this wisdom. Plus I am not even 60 yet. Today is a great opportunity indeed! Seizing the moment, and clutching onto my Elf.

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