Gray hair don’t care…

Author portrait, outdated before the print arrived

Sunday Blog 25 – 20th Feb 2022

I often thought that when I quit my job, (see this transition blog), I would stop dyeing my hair. I said that, but wasn’t sure I actually meant it. But I have found that the need to have a strong outward sign of the change within is too compelling. It’s official. Me and hair dye are through.

I thought about a range of options for how to achieve this, but as my hair is very short, I am opting for the no-cost solution of waiting for the dyed hair to grow out and be cut off. On Saturday I had my usual hair appointment. In the days leading up to it, I kept looking in the mirror, pulling my hair back, admiring the grey hair and how it looked against my skin and eyes. With my trademark impatience about how long things take, I expected my hair at the back at least to be almost entirely gray after my usual trim. It wasn’t. It’s actually more of a half-in-half sort of a look – almost like a baby bird moulting and getting new feathers.

I feel an impatience for this new gray hair, and am looking all around me to see all those fabulous women rocking their silver hair. Channeling their inner Elder as it were. I long to join their ranks.

Just before New Years I had an updated portrait done of me and my daughter, got a musician portrait for her and an author portrait for me (see image in the blog). I only picked up the hard copy yesterday.

“You’ll have to get a new author portrait done”, darling husband reminds me.

Nobody says transitions are easy or graceful.

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