Seeing sepia in colour

Sunday Blog 120 – 28 January 2024

Old photo albums marinade us in the difficult truth that everything passes. A picture from the late 1920s of my mother as a toddler, smiling in front of the rose garden her father created from the heat and dust in the small town of Winchester in mid-west Western Australia.

I mention this photo to Mum and she says “he divided the rose bed in four and put different coloured roses in each quarter.” He was also a keen photographer. He took the photo nearly a decade after emerging from the horrors of World War One behind him. Not quite whole, but able to create a happy family home in the bush, complete with a multi-coloured rose garden.

The trick for me now is to see the roses in colour, vibrant as my steaming tea cup of tea.

The trick is to remember that everything passes.

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