Pushing the wheel forward…

Sunday Blog 71 – 12th February 2023

From Tim Ferriss’ blog and podcast.

Apparently some people did not notice Monday’s full moon. I did, and it sucker punched me with a core human fear – of not belonging. Most likely this was exacerbated by my work-life situation. I am still in the never-ending process of transitioning fronting a non profit health advocacy agency to moonlighting as an advocate, often solo, on an ABN. Still pretending I am on a never-ending menopausal gap year where I don’t have to work too much when my bank balance tells me otherwise. Still attending meetings where I may be the only lived experience representative in a sea of clinicians, but with no colleagues on hand to debrief as I once had.

What helped me this week was listening to this episode of Tim Ferriss’s podcast, with Wade Davis talking about his long career as an activist. Not trying to win, just pushing the wheel of justice forward.

I like it. It works. Onwards!

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