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Sunday Blog 34 – 1 May 2022

It’s now been exactly a month since I left my job (see here for the Eerie Quiet blog update) and I am well into the swing of my new life. That new swing of literally never going back to work. And back sharing the housework with darling husband.

So I’ve been taking stock. April has seen me

  • Spend quite a bit of money on computers and tech support to get said computers working
  • Attend three work-related things I had committed to do pro bono (perhaps unwisely) when I was still working
  • Dip my toe in the consulting water
  • Get totally confused about which day is which (helped by all those lovely public holidays)
  • Emerge with my gray hairdo
  • Make myself a frame drum out of kangaroo skin (it’s a bit awesome if I do say so myself)
  • Attend three writing workshops
  • Try out a new local co-working space
  • Lodge a couple of grant applications in for my suburb
  • Re-do my writing deadlines, meet with a sensitivity editor and even work on the damn book
  • Write four Sunday blogs

So not bad, all in all. Another interesting activity has been literally dusting off the coaching certificate I did in 2014 and never really got to use. I’m thinking about coaching health and social care professionals who want to create systemic change and are feeling the pinch of how hard this work is. I’ve also gone back into the excellent Marie Forleo BSchool business school training because I am actually working for myself now. This time I have been able to progress through the first module because, well, I am in business now.

What I like about BSchool is that it forces you to implement, all the time. She always says “clarity comes through engagement”. It’s no good me coming up with business plans in my head. I need to reach out to people. So I have done my homework and have spoken to five very generous coaches about what they do. Each time I have gone into the conversation almost thinking I know what will be said, and each time I have been surprised, energised, and have become a little clearer. It is a very rich and generative thing to do.

I think it’s great advice for just about anything you want to do – clarity does come through engagement, not by just staying in your own head. So I’m reaching out, inching towards a new clarity…

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