The eerie quiet of the end…

Sunday Blog 30: 3rd April 2022

I’m not quite sure what kind of reception at home I expected after leaving my workplace for the last time. A marching band? A heroine’s welcome? But as I’m guessing Barack Obama experienced from time to time, home is not always the place to relish and celebrate workplace accomplishments.

Not only was there an absence of a marching band, things the house-husband is stepping down from his role too. It’s time for me to pick up the mop and broom again, now that I am in at least a temporary state of leisure, and get back into the groove of contributing to maintaining the home as well as being out in the world.

What is that Zen saying?

Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

Zen saying…

Not that I would be able to consider work enlightenment. Often it is the opposite of enlightenment, the drowning of self in doing. So I will listen to Ram Dass, and I will experience this part (and all) of my life as an unfolding curriculum.

And just think now, of all the perfect housework excuses I will have when writing deadlines are looming…

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