Mulberry Tree

Sunday Blog 116 – 31st December 2023

The last day of year, the last Sunday blog for 2023.

Christmas day 2023 was the last one we will ever celebrate in our family home of 65 years. We had three generations make use of a jar and a notebook to write up our favourite memories from across the decades. We weren’t limited to one but I chose a mulberry tree memory.

Nearly 15 years ago I was married under the mulberry tree in a white dress. Yes, I did have some concerns about how that would all work out. Admittedly, the frock only cost $25 from a charity shop so the stakes weren’t high.

The mulberry tree was planted decades ago and was a generous producer of that sweet fruit that stains permanently. But it was the perfect backdrop for the photos and shade from the hot January sun. And so, I risked it.

At the end of the wedding festivities my groom and I made our way to a nearby hotel. His ute had been festooned with toilet rolls and streamers with a crudely written “just married” sign. I was still in my frock and high shoes when we checked in. I had some vain hopes of an upgrade to the bridal suite.

That was not forthcoming but our room was perfectly nice. When getting changed (at last) I noticed that one mulberry had found its way into my dress, but by some sweet miracle, hadn’t stained it.

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  1. I’m sure leaving your family home of so long will be bitter sweet, Pip. I hope you have wonderful plans for the next chapter, and that it all goes smoothly.
    Love the memory about the mulberry tree and your dress.

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