Three steps to free you from your inbox chains.

Hands up if you are constantly overwhelmed by emails. Right, that looks like pretty much everyone. I want to share with you something that I learned over a year ago and it really has changed my life. I finish every day with an empty inbox. Or at the most, 5 emails. It has completely changed […]

Finding your perfect Virtual Assistant…

If you’re asking what the heck is a Virtual Assistant, perhaps this is not the blog for you. But if you are interested in changing some of your patterns from the “I have to do everything or it’s not done right” to the new pattern of “I stick to my core creative genius tasks and […]

So not Haviana weather in Melbourne then?

It was awfully easy to get a picture of horrible rainy weather – just google Melbourne weather, and voila!  Certainly wearing my Haviana thongs (flip flops, footwear for those not from Perth) was not my best move.  I had to scrabble through the suitcase to find some warmer footwear before braving the trip to the […]