Nothing worth doing gets done in six weeks…

Do you know how it is sometimes, where you keep on getting the same message? Like the red car syndrome, where once you purchase a red car, suddenly you see them everywhere? The red car message for me has been all about time. Things worth doing, take time. Time. Lots of it. The same message […]

There’s more than enough work…

I love writing, and I love social media, so I knew I just had to interview Becky Robinson for the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit. We met on twitter and I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview her and find out more about her journey into business. Perhaps what stands out in Becky’s interview […]

Unity is strength

I am writing one blog about two speakers on The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit that I am currently hosting. The reason I am writing one blog is to celebrate the partnership they have created together. Both of them are highly experienced entrepreneurs, but together, in Her Smart Marketing, they are moving forward further together than they […]

What could go right with tweeting?

I first “met” Nicky when I purchased her excellent book, How to Twitter for Business Success. I read it, and I was instantly inspired and empowered by her big picture summary of the different social media platforms and how best to work with them. All of a sudden it seemed completely doable. I implemented, and […]