Happy National Book Lovers’ Day!

Happy National Writers’ Day! OK, so that is National as in America, and technically it was 9th August which is now yesterday in Australian time, but who needs an excuse to have a picture of Jane Austen heading the blog? Not me, clearly. I am excited to celebrate this day, whenever it really is, by […]

Book cover image, ISBN number – do we have lift-off?

As you may know, I am using my few more days in Melbourne as thinking time, rounding off time, getting things squared away. It certainly feels very indulgent to have so much time to myself and my projects! No housework, no school wash, no work, no worries.  My big to-do list item was making final […]

The Press – Whose Story?

One of the defining experiences for me in wanting to write my book, was my early brush with the media. I had always had it in my mind that I would speak up about my experiences, once all the legal processes had been completed and there were no possible repercussions on that front.   Hell my […]