The Magic of Seven

Indulge me if you will. It’s my birthday on Tuesday, and I turn 49. Normally I have a birthday month, so for two weeks before, and two weeks after, I manage to stretch my birthday celebrations out in a variety of calorie-laden and sociable ways.  Somehow this year, it hasn’t happened.  I might be lucky […]

Finding your perfect Virtual Assistant…

If you’re asking what the heck is a Virtual Assistant, perhaps this is not the blog for you. But if you are interested in changing some of your patterns from the “I have to do everything or it’s not done right” to the new pattern of “I stick to my core creative genius tasks and […]

Happy New Year’s Resolutions!

I am definitely a New Year’s Resolution Enthusiast. Or perhaps more of a 365 24/7 goals person – but there is something so special about the beginning of a new year. I have cleaned out my wardrobe and chest of drawers, depositing three full bin bags into the charity bins. I have purchased new sheet […]