Author Interview – Samantha Bennett

It’s that time again – author interview time! I will be honest, my day job was extremely busy at the end of April and I have only just gotten the audio of this engaging and supportive interview with the lovely Samantha Bennett up.  Since Good Friday when this was recorded until today, there has been a […]

Author Interview – Rashida Murphy, The Historian’s Daughter

I have recently signed up to to Marie Forleo’s B-School, and was inspired to refresh my Fabulous Women Podcast. This latest interview features Perth Author Rashida Murphy, who has recently published her first novel, The Historian’s Daughter. The book’s blurb reads “In an old house with ‘too many windows and women’, high in the Indian […]

Happy National Book Lovers’ Day!

Happy National Writers’ Day! OK, so that is National as in America, and technically it was 9th August which is now yesterday in Australian time, but who needs an excuse to have a picture of Jane Austen heading the blog? Not me, clearly. I am excited to celebrate this day, whenever it really is, by […]

Lab Rats – who knew? Susan Maushart Interview

Last week I was bursting to share this interview with Susan Maushart. I don’t know if you know her, but she is an author I greatly admire. I was half way through doing the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit when I thought about a Fabulous Women Series. Focus is not my middle name! I tweeted her, and […]