Three steps to free you from your inbox chains.

Hands up if you are constantly overwhelmed by emails. Right, that looks like pretty much everyone. I want to share with you something that I learned over a year ago and it really has changed my life. I finish every day with an empty inbox. Or at the most, 5 emails. It has completely changed […]

Generosity of Writers, and Mothers

I am delighted to be able to share my latest interview for the Fabulous Women series – the lovely Dawn Barker. I well remember when her first book Fractured came out; as it dealt with severe post natal depression I was already interested; and the fact that she is a Psychiatrist intrigued me enormously. Her […]

Happy National Book Lovers’ Day!

Happy National Writers’ Day! OK, so that is National as in America, and technically it was 9th August which is now yesterday in Australian time, but who needs an excuse to have a picture of Jane Austen heading the blog? Not me, clearly. I am excited to celebrate this day, whenever it really is, by […]

Five signs it’s Time to Change

So… change is definitely on my mind at the moment. It got me to thinking. Are there some useful signs to pay attention to, if you think you need to change direction? The short answer is yes, there is. Here are five for you to think about… 1. You’re offering something, but people are asking […]