God of the Doors – January 2017

By Loudon dodd – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7404342

Apparently January is named after the Roman god Janus, the god of the doors, because January is the door to the new year. Here it is, almost at an end, and 2017 is picking up where 2016 left off, isn’t it?

Something about January (I dunno, an Inauguration for example) has made me gravitate towards the work of Anita Moorjani. If you have never heard of her work, Anita had a Near Death Experience (NDE). After suffering from cancer for many years, she became so unwell that she died. And came back. Hers is slightly unusual in that usually it is a sudden trauma that precedes an NDE, not a chronic illness. Her process of getting better is also very interesting to read about in her book, Dying to Be Me. But it was what she learned about the nature of reality, the meaning of life that interested me more.

I needed the words of comfort, that everything really is all right. That the polarities of this world simply are not relevant once our bodies are no longer in the frame. That there is nothing you actually have to do on this earth in order to be worthy of being loved. Simply by existing, we are worthy. Anita discusses the importance of allowing our life to unfold:

You know how I often talk about “allowing” our lives to unfold on their own, rather than “chasing and pursuing”?  Chasing and pursuing is what most of us seem conditioned to do, and one of the questions I get asked often is, “If we ‘allow our lives to unfold’ on their own, does that mean we don’t do anything? That we just sit and wait for life to happen to us?”

To me, allowing does not mean just sitting and waiting and doing nothing. We still take action, but the action comes from following our heart, and from allowing things to unfold. It comes from a different place.

Immersing myself in listening to Anita’s two audio books, and avoiding as much news and social media as possible (although I must say I did enjoy watching this Bad Lip Reading video of the Inauguration…) has really helped me feel more hopeful that despite these very turbulent times. That there is a way to enjoy and embrace a meaningful, active life. There is hope, and joy. There is another reality than the very polarised discussions on almost anything on social media.

So, how has your January been?



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