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If you want to write, write.

Virginia Woolf

It’s been one whole month of Morning Pages. At the risk of boring those who are already doing it, the Morning Pages is a keystone undertaking of the Artist who undertakes to be part of the 12 Week Artist’s Way program.

It’s really, really simple. You get up half an hour earlier than normal (ok already not so easy) and you write three pages, longhand. You just do. It is a bit like tuning up; washing away all those things that are bugging you and clearing the pathway.

For me, the hardest bit is the half an hour earlier bit- and making sure I have time. But I figure having gone to Julia Cameron’s site to be reassured over and over that that there are no rules, no right way, it’s also ok to do Morning Pages when juddering along on a bus. It’s best if you do them when you first get up, but if that is not possible well you do them when you can. Or you might even skip them. The sky will not fall in.

But why skip it? What a glorious space to have! You can write absolutely anything you wish. Whinges, dreams, externalising those incredibly annoying circular thoughts when trying to work out the logistics of the day; “I’ll take the bus just in case there’s nowhere to park my car at the train station. Oh hang on, I’ve got a meeting across town and I’ll need my car. If I leave before 8.10 I think I will make it” etc repeat and fade. I’m sure you know it well!

The handwriting seems to slow me down enough to notice that my mind has wandered mid-sentence and I’ve spliced together two competing or just plain random concepts.

It’s definitely a different process to typing. It just is.

Morning Pages are for Artists as a broad concept, not just writers. We all need an opportunity to vent, clear out the pipes and forge a new path for whatever will come.

I love getting James Clear’s blog in my inbox, recently he posted a blog with his book reviews of five and four star books (below four stars books were quietly forgotten.

One four star book reviewed a book written about a large variety of artists and what means they use legal and illegal, to be creative.

All of them, despite the huge variety of modalities and strategies – all of them made time to be creative. Uninterrupted creative time.

Can we find space in our lives just to be creative?

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