Back to [Art] class!

back to art classThis week I am celebrating being back in art class with the wonderful, extraordinary Dawn Meader. I so enjoyed ending the day at the Business Loan job immersing myself back into the world of creativity that Dawn manages to bring through in all of us.

I first started art classes with Dawn as I was stuck in my writing; and over and over again I find that allowing myself the time and space to join Dawn’s classes opens something up in me to allow the writing to flow through. It can’t be a coincidence that the final edits of my book were almost effortless today; just the opportunity to work on this pastel drawing last night I am sure did the magic! (PS Dawn still has places on her Bali and Italy retreats in case you were thinking of taking yourself to the next level as a human being!)

Before working with Dawn I was also stuck as a professional – working in a demanding job I felt trapped in – that job has now been replaced by my Business Loan Job.

The Business Loan Job is an interesting phenomenon; I first heard the term when I was listening to one of success coach Pamela Bruner’s many excellent teleclasses and I latched onto it. As someone who has always enjoyed work, I know that I take it one step further, and the job becomes a vocation.

Leaving the job that I was trapped in to securing the Business Loan job I have now has meant a totally different, lighter energy around work. The biggest plus of all is that I can finesse my business while I know I can meet all my financial commitments as a partner, mother and philanthropist. It can allow me to develop my business at an appropriate, realistic pace.

However, the Business Loan Job has a number of perils. At any moment you could forget what it was that you signed up to it for. It could creep its way into your heart and your dreams and try to re-work its magic to lure you back into vocation mode.

The security of a salary can constantly beckon to the “easier” life of a waged professional.

There have been some moments on late in my Business Loan Job where I have felt this happening.

So I have done what I need to do – reignite the creative spark and remind myself of the life I can create for myself as a creative entrepreneur.

Fan your creative spark, and keep on going for the vision. We all need what you and you alone can bring to the world!


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  1. Loved reading your blog Pip, your honest and natural way of telling a story is engaging, thank you for sharing a little of your beautiful world with us all. Lisa Brandis

  2. I haven’t heard that term before but I remember the ‘6 month part-time contract’ in which I openly negotiated being able to set up my buisness on the other 2 days a week. It was so, so hard to turn down the renewal of contract and stick to the plan… but I did it!

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