Full Moon Fever

full moonThe full moon is allegedly a time to take action. Hurray for action! I’ve been thinking about action; when it is easy to take action, when it is like wading through treacle to take action. And what we can do about it when the inspiration isn’t coming.

1. Barrier to tacking action item one: way, way, WAY too much on the plate
I don’t know about you, but I have a genius for taking on too much. It’s like I was born with my hand, shot up in the air and the cry of “I’ll do it!” on my lips. When I find myself (again) in this predicament, the first thing I do is change my mindset. I remind myself that I have CHOSEN to take on this multitude of tasks, and no-one is persecuting me. Having adjusted my mindset, the immediate conflict passes; I work my way through the list and pay attention to those moments when I could volunteer to do things – and don’t!

2. Barrier to taking action item two: bright shiny things
Have you ever done a personality test? I love them; Enneagram, DiSC and Myers Briggs being my favourites so far. I like the Myers Briggs prayer; for the E(xtrovert) (I)Ntuitive F(eeling) P(erceving) type prayer;

God,help me to keep my mind on one th-Look a bird-ing at a time.

My biggest, brightest, shiniest thing is facebook. After being on it for a while I feel like I do after reading a trashy mag – a bit grubby and unwholesome, filled with empty calories. My best technique is to wake myself up from the trance of facebook; if I have come looking for a message to follow up, I keep muttering about it over and over to myself; and get that message, copy it and get on out of there!

3. Barrier to taking action exhibit 3 – fear
This barrier is, nine times out of ten, a sign that a new stage of growth is just around the corner. When I feel that fear I almost always know it’s time to take action, pronto, and that something really good is almost there.

These are my top three barriers – what are yours?

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  1. Pip,

    I think we must have been cut from the same bolt of fabric. I, too, am much too prone to taking on a great deal, and being a Virgo, I am afflicted with the “thoroughness” gene. My remedy is to become “the observer” (taking a step back and watching myself–something I learned from Krishnamurti) and taking appropriate action. This includes NOT trying to absorb every iota of information that exists regarding social media so I can do it “right.”

    Shari Dunn

  2. Listening to the feeling is working for me right now. Not the fear or apprehension
    that sits in my gut of the work to be done. But the feeling that I would have once having achieved the outcome. I to am guilty of taking on too much and then having to sift through for what is really supporting me, number one.

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