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Susan_BroughtonThe Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit would not be complete for me without the inclusion of Perth’s very own Abundance Expert, Susan Broughton.  And I wasn’t disappointed.

Her answer on what is abundance was thorough and thought provoking.  You can still sign up to listen if you want – just click on this link.  The interview series has been going for two weeks now, with a week left to run, but you can access all the previous speakers (and their juicy free gifts) once you are signed up.  Each daily email has them all there for you to enjoy.

But back to Susan.  She shared some common attitudes that particularly for women, can be blocks to abundance;

I don’t deserve anything better than I’ve already got

or perhaps even worse:

I don’t deserve what I’ve already got

Do any of these resonate? Perhaps you have held these sorts of beliefs unconsciously; but it is only through bringing them to consciousness that you can clear your own pathway to abundance.

She also highlighted the attitude of “I’d better get it for me before others do!”  Certainly in the early stages of business, there can be a lot of fear around being able to make a living through your business; but this “grabby” mentality will block abundance.  It is a constant exercise in self-discipline, to avoid feeling that competitive, even desperate edge.  Abundance really is there.  It’s all in our mindset; if we can bring some attention to our abundance beliefs, we have a fantastic starting place to develop our business ideas into reality.



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