There’s more than enough work…

Becky_Robinson_125I love writing, and I love social media, so I knew I just had to interview Becky Robinson for the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit. We met on twitter and I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview her and find out more about her journey into business.
Perhaps what stands out in Becky’s interview is that she feels an abundance of clients and work! A position many of us would like to be in.
As our conversation unfolded it was obvious that Becky is someone who is a giver; she has developed her business based on a passion for serving, and after three years is showing all the signs of abundant success. Her current business supporting authors to bring their not fiction work into the world, utilising the power of social media, literally came about through her work life, and a constant stream of people asking for her help. After doing it for nothing for a while, she was able to develop her highly successful publishing business.

Given her expertise, I too the opportunity to ask her about the difference beteween an ebook and a pdf, and the answer surprised me!

So did her amazingly generous offer at the end of the interview. Are you interested? Do you want to sign up? It’s not too late, and it’s free! Even though we are into Day 13 if a 21 day series, it is not too late for you to come on board and enjoy all the interviews to date.

I’d love to “see” you there!

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