Unity is strength


I am writing one blog about two speakers on The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit that I am currently hosting.

The reason I am writing one blog is to celebrate the partnership they have created together. Both of them are highly experienced entrepreneurs, but together, in Her Smart Marketing, they are moving forward further together than they could separately.

Lacy Arnold has worked in a number of different businesses; Lean Moms is the most recent. Lacy is the very fit-looking one in the track suit top! She has joined Ashley Ryan -that’s Ahley I the top, glam shot – to create Her Smart Marketing, and despite living in different countries they are very successfully running on-line training and coaching programs to help women move forward in their businesses.

I thought that deserved some celebration! ¬†Want to hear what they’ve got to say about running an abundant business? They have so much to share on the free interview, as well as juicy free gifts. Sign up here for free to find out!

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