Can you let it go?

Annrika James PhotoI remember it so vividly. I arrived late for a training course, and, spurred on by some very uncomfortable feelings about how much work I had to do and could I justify being at a training course – and the trainer said to me “You need a Sedona”.

I had absolutely no idea what that was, but an assistant coach sat next to me, asked me how I was feeling. “Stretched!” I wailed! “Can you accept that feeling?” “Yes” I responded, automatically. “Can you welcome that feeling”. Hmm, that felt a bit harder, but yes. “Can you let that feeling go?”

It was just a choice, and as I chose “yes”, I felt an instant expansion, and a profound feeling of peace. I was ready to be where I was and had a fantastic day of learning.

About a year after this I was fortunate enough to attend a Sedona course run by Annrika James and her husband Tim McCavitt. To this day Sedona remains one of my favourite tools to bring consciousness to our emotions. We are not our emotions and we can can choose to let them go whenever we want.

The abundant freedom that comes from this is life-changing. So it was such a pleasure to be able to include Annrika in the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit. Feel free to sign up to this free event and enjoy!

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