How do you do money?

Veronica Drake PhotoDuring my interview with today’s speaker from the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit, Veronica Drake, I kept feeling this wonderful sense of calm. There is something about Veronica’s presence which travels across the ether – or so I found. Veronica loves life.

What fascinated me about Veronica is that she has had some significant challenges in her life – and she has moved through these and brought her experience, knowledge, wisdom and positivity with her, in order to help women move past their own challenges into business success.

Her family of origin input about money sounded familiar to me “We can’t afford it”, “that’s hard-earned money”, “watch out for the big shot over there, don’t trust rich people”. And her reaction to it – to spend up large, even more than you have, to counteract this set of beliefs that you feel no longer serve you.

Abundance comes to those who know how to look after their money. Hoarding and splurging are not abundant states!

Veronica learned to embrace a more balanced money mind-set and that was an essential part of her learning on the way to financial abundance.

“How you do money is how you do life”, Veronica states.

How do you do money?

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