What could go right with tweeting?

Nicky Kriel PhotoI first “met” Nicky when I purchased her excellent book, How to Twitter for Business Success. I read it, and I was instantly inspired and empowered by her big picture summary of the different social media platforms and how best to work with them. All of a sudden it seemed completely doable. I implemented, and then began to here the plinking sound of new twitter followers! So, I implemented again and tweeted Nicky. She tweeted me right back and I decided I would be brave and ask her to be interviewed for The Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit.

Obviously, she said yes!

There were many things I enjoyed about Nicky’s interview – her insightful description of women returning to work after having children and how we need to change our thinking about what we bring back to the workforce.

Of course I loved her discussion of Twitter and how it changed the course of her business life, and there is a fantastic Pinterest tip she shares (apart from not going on Pinterest while hungry!)

I am so excited that Nicky is going to write another book about Social Media. I think she is a gifted teacher and writer and she really helps us get off the fence and into social media.

Her free gift is pretty awesome too!

I would love for you to join us at the Abundant Businesswoman’s Summit – sign up and tune in today to hear Nicky’s talk and access her generous free gift.

“See” you there!

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