What could go right?

2014 MandalaLast weekend was a glorious one of indulgence.  I had decided, last minute, to jump on board Dawn Meader’s Mandala class.  Dawn led us through a series of guided meditations on aspects of our life to discover the message from our heart of what we needed in each area, the simple action we needed to take to manifest that and a short present tense sentence confirming that we had that quality in our lives, now.

It really was so much nicer than a weekend of chores.

Before we put brush to paper, Dawn invited us to ask “What could go right about today?”

What could go right about today?  We brainstormed it and easily came up with dozens of things we hadn’t thought of; “I could have a conversation with someone that sets off a whole train thought and inspires a new business idea”.  “I could plant the seeds of a new partnership that flourishes into a whole new sphere of endeavour I had never thought of”.  “I could paint a lovely picture that I can put up on my wall.”

What a question that is to ask ourselves, each and every day.  Try it.  It opens you up, immediately, to a whole lot of positive possibilities that you hadn’t imagined.  It turns that anxiety and fear on its head, neutralises it with creative thinking about positive possibilities.

What could go right about your day?


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