Slaying the Procrastination Beast – The War of Art

InspirationI would call this a book review, but I haven’t actually finished the book yet.  I’m too excited by the concepts in the book to wait until I finish to write about it.  The book is The War of Art and among a number of mind-blowing gems is the importance of showing up, each and every day.  Rather than being hypnotised by the enormity of an artistic endeavour, just-show-up;

“Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying … Because when we sit down, day after day and keep grinding, something mysterious starts to happen…. power concentrates around us.  The Muse takes note of our dedication.  She approves… we become like a magnetized rod that attracts iron fillings.  Ideas come.”

As if that is not enough to help you get out of procrastination and into doing, this gem on insight and encouragement to just sit down and get on with it appears in Book Two.  You will have already read Book One which dissects Resistance in its many ingenious forms.  The Enemy Within; resistance as we all know it, Procrastination.

There is something so helpful to see Resistance mapped out in its many forms that we can all recognise – self-dramatization, self-medication, sex, celebrity gossip, facebook… As each form of resistance is named its power seems to crumble.

The book contains a warning of the daily nature of resistance and how it needs to be overcome not once or twice, but daily.  Forever.

And that is the War of Art.

You will note that I am sitting down, blogging.  I have only had to do a whole load of volunteer work and have coffee with my sister before getting this done.  All in a morning’s artistic work!



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