Stop-start factor

committed-to-businessI think my car has been trying to tell me something. For a while there it had a fault in the fuel pump that made for a very stop-start experience in driving.  More worryingly, there were times it would cut out, such as when executing a right hand turn with traffic bearing down on me.

Off to the mechanics it went, and was fixed.  But it didn’t really get fixed, so after another near death experience turning right, back it went.

This time it came out wonderfully.  I felt that whatever my car had been trying to tell me I had addressed.

Then Saturday morning, South Beach Cafe, it wouldn’t start again.  I called roadside assistance and found there was some complication to fuel pumps and wires, which usually manifests about 2 weeks after the fuel pump is replaced.  I.e. now.  Sure it was a beautiful place to break down, but I felt held back, nonetheless.

So back in to the mechanic the car goes today with a fervent hope from me that it is finally fixed, like my compass, on smooth forward progression.

They say at the early stages of starting a business it is something you have to commit to, over and over.  Once you have a steady income stream, faith is not so requisite.  But in the early days, you need to keep on re-committing.

So that’s what I’m doing.  That’s what my car is teaching me.  Or just possibly it’s time to upgrade 😉

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