What it everything was perfect just the way it is?

imperfectionI have been asking myself this question quite a few times this week.  It is a question to calm my spirit as I try and feel am consistently failing at making a positive difference in the world through the endless committees that I sit on.

This morning for example I am attending a forum about advocacy in the victim services sector, a subject close to my heart.  Only I have found out a key agency won’t be attending.  I know I should not be surprised, but I am, and deflated too.

It seems to be such a fine line between being useful, and being tokenistic.

I know what I would like to happen, and that is change, positive change.  I sit on these committees, hoping to be influential, to somehow access levers of influence that would allow these positive changes to occur.  Victims of sexual assault to have access to end to end advocacy to assist them through the many different stages of the process from offence to final legal judgement or final extinction of all hope that there will be legal redress.

I am not really sure you can do that without power or money.  I want to be someone who has easy access to the $1m plus it would take to get started with an advocacy service, and some clever way of making it self-sustaining and ongoing.

But I don’t seem to be in that kind of paradigm.

I don’t think grassroots works, today.  It feels like it is all about power, money and which school you went to.

Am I wrong? And is everything ok even if it is imperfect?

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