Doubt yourself!

online contentSome of you may know I have an (ahem) addiction to buying, downloading, reading things on-line.  But there is so much fantastic stuff out there!  How can one stop?

One of my current favourite websites belongs to The Organized Artist – Samantha Bennett – who is an inspiring example of being artistic and abundant all at once.

I love her posts and poems which liven up the inbox, but this particularly resonated for me – her blog entitled “Fear of Failure is Perfectly Reasonable”

When not being brash and confident, I am someone who can be irritatingly self-effacing.  The constant “it’ll never work” inner dialogue about my creative pursuits can be quite deafening.  It was very cheering therefore to see this written:

I’ve heard it said that only dilettantes and amateurs never doubt their talent.

And I’ve noticed that the more daring the creative idea, the more vicious and violent those critical inner voices can become.

So over time, I’ve learned this:

the louder & meaner the voices in my head are, the greater the probability that I’ve just had a really juicy idea.

Well that is very encouraging.  I must be onto lots of juicy ideas, because since shaking up the party and making a break from my highly responsible job to a more fluid, project-based position, there has been quite a few loud and mean voices.

All right.  Time to stand up to them mean and loud voices. Or to finish with another quote from the article:

Fear of failure is entirely reasonable. But it’s no reason not to do your work.

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