I’m one of the 26%…

InspirationApparently it used to be about 5% of the population, now it has shot up to 26%.  People who procrastinate, that is. (Steele, 2007)

Alas, it appears that I am one of the 26%.  Perhaps starting a daily blog challenge in the middle of changing jobs was a little ambitious, but at the time it felt exciting, challenging and eminently achievable.It started with a missed day here and there, and then a creeping sense of failure for not having done my daily blog for more than two days then – boom – a week has gone past.  The date-stamping of the blogs leave me no room for prevaricating around the bush.  I have not met my daily blog challenge.

No matter, I can re-commit now to a daily blog and neatly avert that ongoing sense of failure and procrastination. To paraphrase a well known marketing tag line – “Just re-do it.”

It seems the most important thing is to get the creative wheel re-started.  It certainly is easier to keep the wheel bowling along when it already has momentum, whereas re-starting the stationary creative wheel moving takes more energy.

But imperfect action is what it is all about – action being the really important defining thing.  Turning up. Taking imperfect action and hoping for that inspiration to come and find you, hard at work!

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