Sleep is for wimps…

imageAfter spending much of the article saying there is no magic number of hours to sleep this article had the neat graph I thought I would share.  I am whiling away my 4am slot with the usual array of distractions.

While I certainly recall periods of wakefulness as a single, fancy free woman, my sleep patterns altered irrevocably after becoming a mother.  At first it was attending to the needs of an infant; as I has opted to co-sleep that bit wasn’t actually that hard.  But it set up a pattern of night time wakefulness which eventually became the magic 3-5am slot; when I feel refreshed and rejuvenated, and no-one wants or needs me. A profound and productive peace.

This may be why my poor sleep hygiene has proved difficult to shift – I actually enjoy a bit of night time wakefulness. Perhaps it harks back to our pre-industrial roots when sleeping through the night wasn’t so essential because you would be back home for lunch and a kip to rejuvenate.

I certainly enjoy a range of activities which are not strictly pre-industrial – googling on the iPad, or reading a book; or maybe listening to something that soothes me back to sleep.

Overall I do love the 3-5am slot- it’s perfect for this morning’s task, coming up with a tagline to match my new logo while having a quiet cup of tea. Lovely!

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