Running the gauntlet of the Tall Poppy Syndrome

imageComfort zone is a very nice place to be. It is also usually populated with friends and loved ones too. Moving beyond the comforts of internal ease and social connectedness is not something we do lightly. Or perhaps not at all.

My strategy in moving beyond the tall poppy syndrome was to move to Europe for 10 years and try out some things in the safety of a continent’s distance from sneering onlookers (brothers in particular!). But the time comes to re-integrate all the pieces of one’s life, and so back in my home town for more than a decade now surely it’s time to pop my head above the parapet?

I must say that since becoming more serious about  naming my Big Dreams of writing, business ownership and making a bigger difference as a free agent that I have been pleasantly surprised by the reactions of those around me.

What we can often find is that those we think may mock or question us can actually be very supportive. You can have the tall poppy and the loved ones.  That is what I am banking on, anyway!









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