How being observed changes how you act…

observer realityIt is a fascinating study of quantum physics or just everyday behaviour – that when we are being watched, we change what we do.

I know as an advocate for health consumers, the very fact of your presence at a consultation, even if you said nothing, radically altered and usually improved whatever may have been going on between patient and health care provider.

Like many people I felt that coaching was just not for me.  I couldn’t afford it, what was the point, I knew what I needed to do so why would I pay anyone for that?

The sad reality is that most of us just do not follow through on what we say we will do.  For a thousand reasons, it just doesn’t happen.  I couldn’t believe the difference it made to me to have someone I had to speak to each week or fortnight, to let them know how I had gone with my self-imposed goals.  The many areas I was just not showing up in appeared in stark relief.

We humans are very strange, and making the decision to work with a coach was one of the best things I have ever done.  Apart from becoming a mum that is 🙂

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