Some morning inspiration

imageI am having the most beautiful, indulgent weekend at a retreat “The Courage to Lead” in Bindoon.  I went in fairly blind, on the recommendation of a colleague I trusted and her gentle prompting that the retreat would be “ideal” for someone going through transition.

That would be me!  Just weeks now separate my old life from my new – on my daughter’s birthday, applications for my job will close and the process of appointing and handing over to a new person to take on my job will be complete.  The space I am opening up will lead me goodness knows where in the long term, but right now I am just enjoying the uncertainty.  Like coming away for this weekend, not really knowing what to expect!

I found myself indulging in an early morning Inspirational Listen – I have (of course) signed up to the latest Hay House Summit and have been occasionally listening to one of the day’s speakers when I have a moment.

This morning’s was Joan Borysenko I loved her simple conversation about how to remain in your “wise mind” when feeling stressed or depressed.  She suggested a very simple breathing technique – in through the nose, out through pursed lips like you are breathing through a straw – and allowing your breath to assist you in re-establishing a healthy internal environment.  Short circuiting the stress chemicals, if you will.

She also said that she starts the morning with facebook to connect with her community, and share something nice.  What a perfect start to the morning, I thought!

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