It is actually addictive…

imageMy name is Pip Brennan and I am a trainaholic.  I think I realised this week that my case had become quite serious. I went to my inbox, absolutely determined to resist all siren calls of small businesses with just the right solution for getting started as an entrepreneur, sorting your website, selling and marketing to bazillions with ease and grace. No, this time I would resist it all, tie myself to the mast and sail into my inbox and emerge without having bought or downloaded a single business development training package. Quite frankly I have more than a lifetime’s listening already loaded up and ready to go.

But alas, the wise resolution lasted no more than three emails and before you could say “tag line!” I had downloaded yet another hour long segment of audio training that I simply could not live without.

But this time it really really will change my life! Honest!

I couldn’t help feeling a bit naughty when one of the teachers on an audio program cautioned against having more than one teacher. So I guess five is not quite the ticket then?

I prefer to think of it as market research, and once you find the same advice coming up over and over in a range of different programs you know that you have mastered another piece of the puzzle.

What is exciting too is actually trying stuff out, making the learning stick. There seems to be no more sensible way of proceeding that following the footsteps of others who have been there before. And now I really really am not going to download anything until I have finished all my courses!! Really!

But please don’t forward me any training offer emails because the odds are not in my favour for resisting – I am just in the early baby steps of recovery!


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  1. Ah well the first step to recovery is acknowledgement of the addiction, so now it’s just one day at a time, or one website at a time.

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